Smoke Screen by Stevie Woods
Torquere Press
Gay Historical Romance (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Julian has a problem Ė he is in love with his best friend Richard.  Julian knows itís pointless to dream of Richard, because Richard is married to a beautiful woman and has never hinted that heís interested in men.  However, one night Julian comes upon Richard at a ball and their relationship is altered forever.

Smoke Screen is a delightful historical romance.  Stevie Woods did a wonderful job portraying the emotional anguish of unrequited love and the elation of discovering that your dreams are becoming real.  Both Julian and Richard are wonderfully sensual characters, which will draw you into the story.  Through them you will relive the sense of discovery we all feel the first time we experience passion with love.  You should add Smoke Screen to your library; itís perfect for a lazy afternoon at the beach.


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