Sleepless by Elisa Adams
Changeling Press
ISBN: 987-1-59596-712-1
Reviewed by Tanya



Nina has had the ‘hots’ for her boss since she first started working for him six years ago.  She wishes he would see her that way but has resigned herself to only being a friend.  She tries one last time when they are at a bar together.  She tells him that he needs to have sex to relax him, hoping he will see she is really offering herself.

Zavier is a non-practicing incubus.  He has decided to be celibate to try and experience life as a normal.  But, Nina is one that really tries his nerves and his vows to himself.  When she finally approaches him with a point blank invitation there is no way he can turn her down?  But, when she figures out what he really is will she regret her invitation?

Sleepless is a highly erotic offering by Elisa Adams.  What happens when a non-practicing incubus is pushed over the edge by a woman he has tried to stay away from for years?  Elisa Adams has written two well-developed believable characters and a great story line even with all of hot sex.  Sleepless is an interesting incubus story for those who like these types of tales.


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