Skin Deep by Selah March
Amber Heat
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60272-026-8
Reviewed by Hunter



Erin is immediately attracted to her younger sister’s friend, Noah. Even though Noah is younger than she is, the attraction is as strong as she’s ever felt. After a rendezvous at a Halloween party, Erin is certain she’ll probably never see Noah again, but that’s okay. Since she was shot in the line of duty and unable to work due to her injured leg, she’s been in need of some “action.” But much to her surprise and her sister, Suzie’s, ire, Noah pursues things with Erin. Of course, Erin is apprehensive, but can she overcome her fears and open herself up to something that might turn out good?

Noah wants Erin in the worst way. He wants her to be his, and he’ll stop at nothing to make it happen, even if it means the anger of Suzie, who for some reason seems to think he’s her boyfriend, though nothing non-platonic has ever happened between them. Besides, Noah was only ever interested in Suzie for one thing—her relationship to the man Noah would like to see dead.

Skin Deep was a wonderful tale of love, acceptance, discovery, and revenge. All the essential elements of a classic tale. I liked the idea of saving/redeeming love and how well it worked it with the story, as well as the conflict between the sisters. Information was unveiled little by little throughout the story, and I felt as if I were being let in on a secret revelation as I read through each part. The ending was fabulous. The sex scenes were mild, which was a nice break from the normal bedroom blow-by-blow, leaving much to my vivid imagination.


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