Sin by L.A. Day
Twilight Fantasies
ISBN: 978-1-934495-19-3
Reviewed by Tanya



Sara is finally free of the one huge mistake of her life.  She is divorced and is ready to set out on an adventure.  But, before she gets to far down the road her car mysteriously overheats.  When she sees Cein coming up the road on his motorcycle she is sure it is just her imagination at first.  When he approaches her she is convinced this just might be the adventure she is looking for, but has she misjudged Cein again?

Sin was a smokin’ hot fantasy read.  What is a girl to do when the man of her every fantasy suddenly is also the one to rescue her and appears to have never stopped loving her?  Read this fun and quick paced tale by L.A. Day to find out the answer.  The author is very adept in describing her hot leading men, so that I have no problems picturing them in my head.  Sin will make a wonderful addition to anyone’s beach bag.


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