Silly Fears by Bridget Midway
Loose Id
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-477-0
Reviewed by Cassidy



Yessica Battle hates clowns.  Her childhood fear haunts her still to this day.  When Kee Kee the Clown came to her classroom to perform for the kids, she takes the first opportunity to escape with a frightened child.

Yessica’s cousin, Marcus, runs a circus.  When his star performer flakes out on him, he recruits his best friend, Kevin Thibbideaux, to fill in for him as Kee Kee the Clown.  An attorney in real life, Kevin helps out Marcus by filling in for his clown. Kevin falls head over heels for Yessica, but hesitates to tell him he spied on her as Kee Kee earlier.  He also finds out she has a lingering fear of a crazy aunt from childhood who practiced Voodoo.

As Kevin and Yessica become closer, he is afraid to introduce her to his beloved grandmother…an eccentric woman who practices Voodoo and enjoys walking around her house in the all-together.  He springs it on her, taking her to his grandmother’s house, and things start falling apart.

Are Yessica and Kevin’s feelings real, or the result of a Voodoo curse?  And can they overcome the obstacles facing them to unite them in true love?

Silly Fears has a unique twist, combining Voodoo, a fear of clowns, and the difficulties that any new relationship has.  While I found the story rather strange in parts, the author did a great job combining the elements of fear and uncertainty with the characters’ deep love for each other.  With a touch of the macabre tossed in to make the story spicy, I ended up liking Kevin and Yessica and even the kooky grandmother!


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