Silent Death by Denysť Bridger
New Concepts Publishing
Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Tanya



Adam and Shainna have worked for the same company for many years, and go on many special assignments together.  But, Adam seems to be oblivious to the feeling that Shainna has long harbored for him.  While she has these feelings she wonít act on them, as she doesnít want to get between Adam and his apparent love for Kiku.

When Kiku turns up dead and Adam is being framed for the savage murder Shainna knows she will do what it takes to help Adam through this time.  She agrees to cover for him so that he can seek his revenge on Kikuís attackers.  Will Adam finally see Shainna as the woman that he needs in his life?

Silent Death started out in a mass of confusion.  I couldnít follow a couple of the initial characters or how they related.  But, I kept with it and by page 4 I knew what was going on and enjoyed the rest of the story.  While the story was enjoyable I felt that Adam seemed a little too sure of himself with Shainna.  There is suspense and revenge in this story and I suspect many will follow the tale easier than I did.  Silent Death for all its flaws had some hot erotic scenes and I would try another story by this author.


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