Shift Hunter by A.J. Cove
Shift Series, Book 2
Amira Press
ISBN: 978-1-934475-07-2
Reviewed by Georgia



Half-shape-shifter, half-human, Caelyn Stevens is different from everyone else, even her brother.  Embracing her shifter half, and with her human father’s help, Caleyn has become one of the best fighters of the Shifter rebellion. Unfortunately she’s also a bit of a hot head and her latest escapade has landed her on the most wanted list.  When the famed “Shift Hunter” is called in, Caelyn soons discovers that the gorgeous human may be more than she can handle.

Tony Maddox always gets his shift, and Caelyn Stevens is one shifter he’s anxious to capture.  Her contempt for humans is well known, so he’s ready to show her just how superior he truly is.  Yet when circumstances change and the Hunter becomes the hunted, he and Caelyn will have to work together to survive.  They might just discover they’ve got more in common than they thought.

Shift Hunter is a surprising follow up to A.J. Cove’s Shift for Hire.  This second book in the Shifter series continues with the Stevens family from the first book, describing the child Caelyn as an adult.  Having basically forsaken her human side, Caelyn has done what many other shift women have only dreamed of: she’s become strong and capable of physical combat.  In fact, she’s the strongest in the rebellion.  But even with that strength, Caelyn has her own demons to face.  Tony is a man with a secret.  He has a kind of contempt for shifters and has spent his life capturing them for money.  As these two get to know each other, they both find that they have misconceptions about the other.  Neither can deny their attraction, and as they are constantly thrown together for survival, their relationship comes to mean more than they imagined.  Suspension, surprises and an unexpected twist capture your attention and leave you hoping for more.


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