Shadow Hunt by L. M. Prieto & Jayson Taylor
Loose Id
GLBT Fantasy (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-475-6
Reviewed by Sabella



Peregrine is a member of the witchesí council of Delvore.  He is also one of the bastard sons of the king and a powerful witch in his own right.  When the King dies, a banshee that gifts him with immunity to human magic, as he is the next King of Delvore, visits Peregrine.  However, the person who orchestrated the death of the King does not plan for Peregrine to ascend to the throne and sends a demon to kill him and strip Peregrine of his magic.  Now Peregrine has to outmaneuver the demon and his master, without starting a civil war, while remaining alive to become King of Delvore and retaining his magic.

Winter is a demon that has been trapped in Delvore by a powerful witch in order to murder the Kingís heirs and assure the ascension of a particular witch.  Even though Winter is compelled to obey the letter of his Masterís commands, he takes great pleasure in thwarting his masterís intent as often as he can.  When Winter is sent to kill Peregrine, he is intrigued by Peregrineís cunning and intelligent mind and Winter decides that this is one human worth further study.  Only Winter needs to work around the inconvenient command from his master ordering him to strip Peregrine of his magic and kill him.

Shadow Hunt is a great fantasy tale, set in a rich magical world that is inhabited by intriguing characters.  L.M. Prieto and Jayson Taylor did a wonderful job creating characters that were truly interesting and plot that captures your attention from the very first word.  Peregrine and Winter are both imperfect, yet very appealing; and their interactions range from hostile to curious to passionate while keeping you immersed to the story as it takes unexpected turns.  I hope that this book becomes the first in a series because I would love to further explore this world and the characters that live in it.  Shadow Hunt is not your run of the mill fantasy romance and will capture your imagination from start to finish; for that alone you should pick it up.


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