Secrets of a Proper Lady by Victoria Alexander
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-088264-8
Reviewed by Annmarie



When informed by her parents that they have chosen her future husband, Lady Cordelia Bannister is less than thrilled.  Her future husband, Daniel Sinclair, isnít exactly ecstatic either.  Since the pair have never met, Lady Cordelia has a plan.

Posing as her companion, Cordelia approaches Danielís secretary, Mr. Warren Lewis.  But Mr. Lewis isnít Mr. Lewis.  Mr. Lewis is actually Daniel Sinclair pretending to be Mr. Lewis.  And neither Cordelia nor Daniel know that they are being duped!

I have truly enjoyed the first two books in this series and Secrets of a Proper Lady is one of my favorites.  The hilarity of the plot is just one of the reasons why I loved Secrets of a Proper Lady.  Cordelia and Daniel kept me amused and bemused.  Victoria Alexander has done it again.  Secrets of a Proper Lady has a place on my keeper shelf!


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