Secret Santa by Jenna Byrnes
Love Struck Books
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 0-9786454-6-4
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Julia Brown believes that she is destiny to fall in love with no-good men.  First, she was married to a man who both physically and emotionally abused her.  After she finally build up the nerve to divorce him and start a new life on her own with her son, Julia ends up having a heated sex affair with her married boss.  Totally believing the lies that her boss told about his cold, non-responsive wife, Julia was shocked to learn during their annual Christmas party that not only was his wife a very nice lady but, she was pregnant with their third child!  And, if that wasn’t enough to cope with, a few days later, Julia walks in on her boss/lover getting busy with one of the company’s accounting clerks.  Hurt and very upset, Julia vows to end her relationship with her boss and to lay off men for awhile.  Then, out of the blue and with the help of her Secret Santa, Julia is about to discover what it truly feels like to be loved and cherished by an honest, trustworthy man.  Will Julia recognize and accept her special gift or is all hope lost?

Okay, in the beginning I must admit that I had a slight problem with Julia because she was having an affair with a married man – that is definitely a no-no for me.  However, as the story progressed, my opinion of her changed because I began to understand her personality and the reasoning behind her actions.  Basically, Julia was looking for love in all the wrong places and she easily became a victim to certain circumstances.  I found Secret Santa to be a sweet, gentle, heartwarming story filled with hope, romance and steamy, sensual love scenes.  I couldn’t help but fall in love with Walter as he demonstrates to Julia the true meaning of love and respectful self-worth.  So go pick up Secret Santa and discover for yourself a wonderful, miracle-type of story that will have you smiling with glee and snickering as some key characters get their just desserts in the end. 


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