Screw Cupid by Arianna Hart
Valentine Vixens
Ellora’s Cave
Quickie / Light Bondage / Contemporary
ISBN: 1-4199-0801-9
Reviewed by Jo



Another Valentine Day alone. Reanna Mason has been thinking about that more and more as the day gets closer.  However, maybe this time she can do something crazy just for her.  Reanna received an email invitation to a party at the House of Eros.  She thinks it’s a joke but decides to go anyway and maybe fulfill her fantasies since she can never have the one she wants - Kiefer. 

Kiefer Brown works with Reanna and has been trying to get her to go out with him for months now.  Kiefer spies the secret invitation on Reanna’s computer and knows this might just be the break he needs.  Kiefer also received the email and ignored it as spam.  Now Kiefer is going to the Valentine’s Day orgy.  When Reanna and Kiefer finally discover who the other is, will the fantasy last into the daylight?

Screw Cupid is a lively and engaging story.  Reanna wants to make this year mean something even if she is doomed to spend Valentine’s Day alone.  Kiefer is frustrated trying to get Reanna to see him as more than just a charming co-worker.  When they both go to an erotic costume party at a mysterious club the temperature rises fast and furious.  I felt for Kiefer trying to get the attention of the one person determined not to mix business with pleasure.  Reanna is sure the only reason Kiefer is coming on to her is because she hasn’t let him charm her.  I have to say that now I will always wonder about my spam email.  Screw Cupid is hot and spicy – start to finish – and I really suggest a bottle of cold water be close by when reading.


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