Sarah’s Brass Token by Ciara Gold
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1897261934
Reviewed by Tanya



Sarah Jones has not led an easy life.  She has been living alone with her brother and her ‘son’ when suddenly her brother is hung for a murder that she can’t believe he was guilty of.  The town makes Sarah ‘persona none gratis’ in every way possible.  All she is doing is trying to make a home for her and Andy.  She is leery when a stranger helps her bury her brother and again when a stranger is nice to her a year later on the anniversary of the death.  She doesn’t trust men as a rule and is stunned when she finds out it is the same man.  Especially when she finds out he is interested in courting her.

Tabor Nolan has run from his demons for a number of years since the Civil War has ended, and now he wants to settle down and have a family.  The sassy blond he met in Banjo is the one woman who keeps coming back to his mind and he decides this is where he will settle.  The more Sarah protests his advances the more he is intrigued and feels like he wants to protect her.  Then when fate puts them in a position to be together for the long haul will Sarah respond as he wants or not?

Sarah’s Brass Token is a wonderful heartfelt historical romance.  Ciara Gold has woven a story that has it all, it has romance, death, struggles, friendship and forgiveness.  I was drawn in from the first scene and stayed that way until the end.  I think anyone that likes post Civil War romantic stories will find this book worth their time and effort. 


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