Ride A Cowboy by Capri Montgomery
Dark Eden Press
Reviewed by Tanya



Janie and her coworker, and friend, Marcy have been sent to the middle of no where South Dakota to present the latest advertising campaign to the local store of Optima Sexy.  What they know so far is that their boss has insisted they go in person, booked them a wreck of a rental car, sent them to the wrong airport and even booked them into the local flea bag motel.  The best thing that has happen on this trip is that Jainie has found a man that attracts her for the first time in a year.  His name is Jack, the cowboy, who offers them a ride, and a place to stay.

Things only get worse when Jessie the owner of Optima Sexy is there in person for the presentation.  She is the woman Jessie found in bed with her boss, who at the time was her serious boyfriend, which quickly ended that relationship.  After the presentation tanks both women seek some release and relaxation.

Ride A Cowboy was a steamy story with business interests as well as revenge in the story.  This was my first story from this publisher and will not be my last.  The author did a great job in setting the business scene as well as the erotic ones.  If you like modern day cowboy stories with an erotic twist you need to mosey on over and pick up Ride A Cowboy.


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