Release Me by Karen Erickson
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 1-60088-034-7
Reviewed by Klarissa



After telling her friend she’s taking control of her orgasms, Sommer Daniels is told she needs to find a man.  Someone real that can take her to those heights.  A vibrator just will not give her what a real life person can.

Sommer can only think of one man that might fit the bill, but she has no idea what his name is.  As circumstance has it, when her computer crashes guess who shows up at her office door?  The handsome hunk she saw in the elevator.  Sparks fly between these two leading to hot and heavy office sex.  Sommer definitely gets control of her orgasms with Ted helping her out.

Release Me is such a sexual and exciting story!  I had to fan myself a few times while I was eager to delve back into this adventure.  Ted and Sommer heat up her office, his office and her bedroom.  What a great story!  Release Me will be one you will want to read again and again.


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