Reindeer Games by Stacy Dawn
The Wild Rose Press
Christmas Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



For many years, there has been good natured rivalry between the Nickles and Hollorans.  They both owned nursery businesses in their small town, and today everyone was enjoying the Reindeer Games.

Jessica Holloran had no intention of being forced to do the “Loser Deed” for the third year in a row.  She’d been practicing with her reindeer for several months in order to beat Brent Nickles.

It wasn’t until Brent put the idea in her head that if he won, he’d ask for a kiss that Jessica began to look at Brent differently and to wonder if she lost, would she actually be the winner.

Reindeer Games was a fun little story about a woman who has grown up with someone, but never really looked at him.  It was entertaining watching Jessica react to Brent and realize that he wasn’t the kid she used to know, but a man she wanted to know better.  Even though I read this story in the summer, it whisked me into the wonder of the holidays and the joy we can have with our annual festivities.


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