Rearing Heat by Skyler Sinclair
Siren Publishing
Shape Shifters
ISBN: 1-933563-81-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Dex is a rare form of shape shifter, he is an equestrian shifter.  He knows he is not the only one as both his parents were shifters as well as his twin brothers.  He is surprised to find he is suddenly drawn to the scent of a palomino one day while out running.  But then she disappears, just about the time he realizes her scent is so strong because she is his mate.

Shayla has found a little town to call home for a while.  It is a place with lots of open space for her to run in.  She continues to wonder if she is the only equestrian shifter in the world.  She canít be, but she has never met another one.

Suddenly one night at a local bar, Dex smells Shayla, and immediately the two are drawn together.  What will happen when Shayla finds out she isnít the only shifter around?  Will Dex scare her away?

Rearing Heat involved a group of shape shifters that I havenít seen written about in the past, equestrian.  The book was fast paced and an interesting tale, but I felt it was rushed in many different parts.  I would have personally liked to learn more about the lives and histories of the characters.  Donít get me wrong there was a lot of that in this story but it wasnít in a way that drew me in, or made me feel part of the story.  That being said it still was an interesting read and I will still investigate other writings by this author.


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