Ready to Rumble by Lorne Rodman
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary
Reviewed by Cassie



Alex, a magazine reporter, goes to a small wrestling circuit event, determined to interview the Dark Dragon and write a story about his career.  He hopes to get some information for his article, but he doesnít expect Dragon to be so attractive.  Dragon is evasive during the interview, but equally attracted to Alex.  Will what happens that night be a one-night stand, or can there be a future for a writer and a wrestler?

Ready to Rumble is a hot, sweet read.  The palpable attraction (and incredibly hot sex scenes) between Alex and Dragon had me wishing for a fan several times, and there were several parts that had me laughing.  Watching these two very different men turn their initial attraction into something more was great, and the sweet, satisfying ending left me with a warm feeling.  Ready to Rumble is only the second Lorne Rodman book Iíve read, but it certainly wonít be the last!


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