Rayne of Love by Pepper Espinoza
Samhain Publishing
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59998-081-9
Reviewed by Barb



Julia Rose must go under cover to investigate the Rayne of Love Traveling Ministry and Revival, but Nicodemus makes her forget it’s all an act.

Federal Agent Julia Rose has investigated bizarre murder cases before, but her most recent assignment takes her deep undercover into the last place she expected—the Rayne of Love Traveling Ministry and Revival Show featuring Nicodemus, a man who talks to the dead.  Nicodemus’s response to Julia is swift and overwhelming.  As she continues to hunt for the murderer, she realizes she is compromising her career, future and heart, the more time she spends with Nicodemus.  But, more than a murder investigation stands between them.  Her past haunts her, her emotions frighten her, and the one man she longs to trust is the one man she never should.

Rayne of Love is an interesting story.  It kept my attention even though it has a tendency to run on a bit in certain sections.  The characters are likeable and well written.  There is a subplot that the book does not need and the characters do not mesh as well as they could in the beginning – yet this makes the story more believable to me.  The suspense is kept at the same level throughout the book – which I like.  Even though it will not be one of my favorites I do know it is a story I will read again.


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