Ravagerís Redemption by Adrianna Dane
Argadia Rebellion Trilogy, Book 3
Amber Heat
ISBN: 978-1-59279-645-8
Science Fiction/ Futuristic
Reviewed by Indy



Daelyn Kapri, an Enforcer turned mutineer as part of the Argadia rebellion, lives with the guilt of the blood spilled by her hands. Awakened emotions bring with them pain, horror, the remembered loss of her family and the one man who was able to reach her behind the Nanus Block. The same man she is willing to risk her life for as one of her only true friendís is in dire need of assistance to save her Taman, brother of Alekos Andromeda. Her one failure as an Enforcer was being unable to kill the rebel who was blood thirsty in his quest for Enforcer blood.  Sure that when Andremeda sees her the short time sheís had on the road to redemption will be over with a painful death for her vivid betrayal.

On the backend of what looks to have been a popular trilogy, I have to admit to being a little bit curious. Still able to follow along and get the gist of the tumultuous background in a futuristic world filled with a lot of death, pain, but laced with hope. Ravagerís Redemption has an interesting cast, each with distinct personalities. Daelyn and Alekos are two introverted defenders whose backgrounds are identical and so tortured that neither is able to welcome love into their world. So imagine my disappointment as I read further into the story and outside of the volatile encounter to save Alekos and his brother, I found it missing the excitement I would expect from a series based on a futuristic rebellion. Actually the only saving grace for the story is that I found the sexual encounters with Daelyn and Alekos appealing enough to continue reading. Iím sure considering the widely popular appeal of Adrianna Dane that her other books are good I just wasnít too impressed with this one.


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