Put Some English On It by Syd McGinley
Torquere Press
Gay Anthology (Taste Test)
Reviewed by Cassie



Not Sir

Rugby player Ryan has been secretly drooling over his teamís temporary assistant coach for quite a while, but Hugh doesnít seem to notice.  Can Ryan get up the courage to ask for what he wants?

Not Sir was one of those stories that made me feel as if Iíd jumped into the middle of something.  I really wanted more back-story on Ryanís submissive nature, and Hughís gruff bossiness didnít really endear him to me.  It didnít help that I know absolutely nothing about rugby, so I was lost on the few occasions in which the game was discussed. 


Sea Change

Brian and Col are vacationing at his auntís seaside cottage because Col wasted all the money he needed to pay for his half of their originally planned vacation.  Once there, Brian finds himself longing for the sea.  He discovers he has a chance at a very different life, but will Col come with him?

Sea Change was a very unusual story.  Flirty, flighty spendthrift Col didnít seem like much of a match for strong, practical Brian, especially at first.  I found myself wanting to shake Brian often when he put up with Colís little snits and wasteful spending.  Still, when Col had to make a choice, he proved himself stronger than I had expected.  Despite the sheer weirdness of this story, it was my favorite of the three.


O Night More Lovely Than the Dawn


Ludo hoped for forever with Nyle, only to discover that Nyle is terribly ill.  He needs a kidney transplant to survive.  Ludoís friend Guy is convinced that what Nyle really needs is magic.  Will Ludo and Nyle be able to stay together?

O Night More Lovely Than the Dawn was a difficult story to get into.  Ludo came across as very clingy and weak.  Nyle and Guy werenít fleshed out well at all.  The ending of the story was confusing and depressing.  This was definitely my least favorite of the three stories.


Put a Little English On It was not at all what I expected.  I was hoping for a more lighthearted read involving English heroes.  Instead, I got three rather dark tales in which English men didnít seem to be emphasized much.  While this Taste Test was certainly interesting, the stories were too dark and difficult to get into for me to recommend this one.


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