Public Domain by Bridget Midway
Whispers Publishing
Erotic Contemporary/Interracial
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Beulah Henderson has decided that the best relationship to have is one where no strings are attached and names arenít exchanged.  Content to meet her lover of six months at different places and have mind blowing sex, Beulah doesnít see any problem with their relationship, well, other than the fact that they have never exchanged names and she has fallen in love with her mystery man.  Not wanting to mess up a good thing, Beulah decides to turn the tables and stop seeing him before someone gets hurts, namely her.  However, he is not having any of it and refuses. 

Tag Pomertoy is in love with a woman and he doesnít even know her real name.  Having met her six months ago, Tag was at first satisfied with their arrangement.  The more he saw of her the farther he fell in love with her and when she tries to break things off with him six months later, Tag is not happy.  He has fallen in love with his anonymous woman and he wants a real relationship with her.  Now all she has to do is agree.

Public Domain by Bridget Midway actually surprised me.  It made me feel things that I was unsure I should be feeling.  I was angry with Beulah to start with.  Angry and hurt that she would treat Tag like a sex toy and only want to see him to get her jollies.  The more I read the more I realized that Tag was as much to blame as Beulah.  He started out wanting the same thing when their relationship began and he was the one that turned the tables on Beulah.  I liked these characters very much and thought their emotions were realistic, so much so that I found myself wincing at some of the feelings their words invoked in me. 

For a quick, steamy, and delightful afternoon of reading, you canít go wrong with Public Domain.  I know that the next time I go to a museum, instead of looking at exhibits I am going to look in all the hidden spots, just in case two lovers like Tag and Beulah decide to get frisky! 


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