Predatorís Salvation by Gracie C. McKeever
Sisters of Emsharra Book 2
Siren Publishing
Urban Fantasy/Shape shifter/Interracial/BDSM
ISBN: 1-933563-58-3
Reviewed by Rosemary



Mateo Diaz, an intern architect has spent the last year learning his craft under the tutelage of close friend Alex Ryan.  Shadowing the pair, is LaMia Enlil, a predator who hunts and feeds on humans, she discovers a perfect means to her revenge against Alex and his wife Genesis.  Swooping down towards them, LaMia hooked her arms beneath Mateoís armpits, scooped him up, and took off for the sky again. 

In Predatorís Salvation the predator becomes the prey.  LaMia soon found that Mateo refuses to be a slave, and she cannot resist his aggressive behavior. Mateo feels empathy for LaMia, he understands her.  The connection they both feel blossomed into an unlikely love.  Gracie C. McKeeverís Predatorís Salvation is a pleasure to read.


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