Position: Vacant by Anne Douglas
Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-363-6
Reviewed by: Georgia



Wanting to escape her hometown where everyone knows her as a whore’s daughter, Beatrice Raymond answers a want ad for a strange job…it almost sounds like the job would be at the North Pole.  Regardless of what the job is, when Bea meets her interviewer, Simon Witte, not to mention Nick Klauson, the real Santa Claus, she’s overwhelmed!  When Simon explains that job advancement includes the possibility of becoming Mrs. Claus, Bea doesn’t know what to think.  She’s attracted to Simon and regardless of how it might jeopardize the best thing that’s happened to her in a long time, she’s going after what she wants. 

Simon knows Nick needs a Mrs. Claus, but when he suggested hiring a potential wife, he never expected her to turn out to be his “heart-mate”.  He decides to deny his feelings and give Nick a fighting chance, regardless of how much it hurts.  But he never counted on Bea and her determination.  Will his need for her come between him, his best friend and the job he was born for?

What a fantastic story!  Anne Douglas easily captures your attention right from the beginning with the not very well thought out plot to find Nick a wife.  These two men go about things in a completely crazy way and set the stage for love and mishap.  I especially enjoyed the fact that although it is painful for her, Bea finally learns more about her past and she finds a place where she fits in at the North Pole.  Position: Vacant is a story about elves and Santa that you’ll want to read whether it’s Christmastime or not.


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