Portrait of Death by Jen Nicolas and Samantha Storm
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-817-3
Reviewed by Delia



Julia Madison has changed since the accident that left her in a coma and took her sister’s life. An artist, her specialty was desert landscapes, but now all her paintings are dark and deadly. Each painting portrays a woman’s brutal death.

Logan Walker wants to represent Julia’s work in the galleries he runs. When he sees more of Julia’s work, he realizes that he recognizes some of the women in the portraits. With a little investigative work, Logan and Julia find that all of the women in the paintings are either dead or missing. Is Julia somehow seeing through the killer’s eyes and painting the murders?

Drawn together to solve the mystery, Logan and Julia find it hard to resist each other. But if a killer is on the loose, their passion may just be the death of them.

Portrait of Death is a dark and intense experience. Julia thinks she’s losing her mind and doesn’t know who to trust. The author really kept me wondering throughout the story whether Logan was who he said he was, or if he was the killer. The story built to a climactic end that kept me on the edge of my chair.


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