Pleasure by Adrianna Dane
At your Service AmberPax Collection
Amber Heat
Contemporary / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places / (Mild Content) Ménage (M/F/M) / (Mild Content) Bisexuality (M/M)
ISBN-13: 978-1-59279-662-5 (Electronic)
Reviewed by Jo



Helen Dawson has a good life as a mother and mayor of her small town, but now that her kids are gone she is beginning to have an empty space inside her.  Helen is feeling dissatisfied in some way.  The fact that she even paid attention to the ad from Acme Escort Agency while thinking about going away for the weekend is telling.  Helen goes to Vegas for the weekend but did not call the escort agency, however her first night she watches this couple in the bar.  Fallon sees Helen watching him and knows after talking with her just a bit exactly what she needs and gives her a card.  Fallon has worked for Acme for many years and has his own special service for sensuality and fulfillment that does not include what you might think.  Helen and Fallon have their first night in Vegas and it only leads to other things.  However when Fallon begins to see a problem with keeping business and personal pleasure separate, what will he and Helen do?

Pleasure took me by surprise.  I was expecting one type of story and was pleasantly surprised when I received something else entirely.  Fallon is a sensual professional but he never includes sex as part of the deal.  Helen has been the respectful and loving mom, wife and businesswoman for the majority of her life so far and now wants something just for her.  The differences between them should have never been breached, however I was totally engrossed by how they not only bridged the gap but also found their own happily ever after.  Pleasure brings to mind that not everyone needs the wedding and white picket fence to find their happy ever after.  I fell for the sensual Fallon and the practical Helen from the beginning and regretted when their story had ended.  Pleasure will have a special place on your sensual bookshelf – it does on mine now.


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