Phantom Lover by Anna Leigh Keaton
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-122-0
Reviewed by Nellie



Jacques was cursed for 200 years for not returning the love of a princess who committed suicide.  Able to touch but not be seen, and bound in Moonlight Cove, he longed for death.  Best friends with a little girl who came to visit during her vacations, he was dubbed as the phantom lover at the Moonlight Cove B&B.  Jobless, homeless and divorced from an abusive relationship, Lilly Nightsong, has returned to her beloved grandmotherís B&B to clear some personal effects and say goodbye.

The few days she stays at Moonlight Cove B&B, the phantom lover visits her and she finally finds peace with her unseen lover.  But, time runs out for Lilly and Jacques as the curse is about to be broken.

It was weird, canít imagine a person actually having sex with an unseen lover, or rather a Phantom Lover.  The story had some pleasant surprises at the end after a slow start.  It was well written and the plots were well crafted but it lacked oomph factor.


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