Perfecting Pearl by Ruby Storm
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN 9781419908866
Reviewed by Nannette



Sean Pearl has finally found his love in Terrence Winston. Terry and Sean begin a passionate loving affair that turns into so much more.  When tragedy befalls them, their love is what sees them through.

Perfecting Pearl has lots of emotion in it. Terry and Sean are loving passionate men and their experiences are moving, especially at the end but some of this book is stereotypical and it seemed like the author was trying to prove a point with political correctness. The sex between Sean and Terry although passionate, seemed more out to emphasize manlove and wild sex. It didn’t feel natural. The ménage and the voyeurism felt that way as well. Perfecting Pearl has a good plot but unfortunately I wasn’t drawn into the story.


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