Paying Forfeits by Naomi Brooks and Angelia Sparrow
Games People Play
Torquere Press
Contemporary Romance (M/M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-045-0; 1-60370-045-5
Reviewed by Sabella



William and Sam have a good thing going with their May-December romance.  Sam appreciates the experience that William brings into their bed play and William loves the enthusiasm and energy that Sam brings to their relationship.  To keep things fresh, they have a tradition Ė on Fridays they will play a game and the loser has to pay a forfeit.  To date they have had a lot of fun indulging themselves, especially Samís love of all things kink.  However, when Williamís godson, Billy, comes to stay and William adds him to the weekly forfeits game many things change, but is it all for the better?

Paying Forfeits is a slightly kinky tale about keeping a relationship fresh in the bedroom by playing games.  William and Sam, on their own, are sweet and a little kinky.  I found the encounters at the beginning of Paying Forfeits to be charming, hot and inventive. However, when Billy is introduced to the mix things go from pleasantly kinky to downright weird. William and Billy have a slightly incestuous relationship, which I found hard to handle in a sexual context, and which at one point made me put the book down.  I think that the book portrayed a more realistic version of a trio, with all its attendant jealousies and tensions, than we see in most books.  However, I did not feel an emotional connection between the characters, which pulls me into the story.  Paying Forfeits is very well written, but I found the overly formal dialogue and attitudes of William and Billy to clash with the contemporary setting of the book.  Also, I felt a little short changed by the lack of any plot outside of the games that the trio engages in.  If you are able to over-look the vaguely incestuous feelings and enjoy a book based mostly on sexual encounters with little emotional exploration between the characters, you might enjoy Paying Forfeits.


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