Paddy and the Wolf by Jennifer Joyce
Torquere Press
GLBT Romance (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Paddy is a park ranger, and he has been looking forward to taking some time off for himself.  However, those plans are changed when his boss tells him he needs to head out into the park to track some wolf pups.  Reluctantly, Paddy agrees to cancel his plans and heads out.  When Paddy reaches the area he needs to investigate he comes upon a wolf that behaves strangely, but his biggest surprise comes when the wolf turns into a young manÖ

I was really looking forward to Paddy and the Wolf as Iím a sucker for a good were-wolf story, but I found myself being disappointed.  Itís well written and Jennifer Joyce manages to convey her characters emotions very well.  However, there was no dialogue between the characters as the wolf was unable to understand language or human behavior.  If Paddy and the Wolf had gone a step further to show us how the relationship progressed I might have been able to become more involved in the outcome.  As it was, I felt like I was only getting half of the story - and not the good half.


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