Opposites Attract by Cat Johnson
Trilogy No. 102
Linden Bay Romance
Contemporary Romance Anthology
ISBN: 1-905393-56-3
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Taking A Leap

Brad Morgan had been lusting after his co-worker, Alyssa Jones, every since she started working at the computer company.  By no means would Brad ever ask her out on a date because he knew that a sexy, classy woman like her would NEVER fall for a geeky guy like him.  And, then out of seer desperation Brad asked for Alyssa’s help with ghostwriting sex scenes for one of Brad’s up and coming author clients while she was away on a cruise and was unable to return before the submission deadline.  And, it was during those heated written sex scenes that both Brad and Alyssa decided to take a leap of faith on love.

Taking a Leap is a great comical, romance about the perceived perception of judging someone just because of their outer appearance.  Alyssa had never really noticed how attractive and genuine Brad was until she actually spent some valuable time with him.  Then, she began to realize that Brad wasn’t as geeky as she once thought him to be.  Instead he was a very loving, caring and romantic person.


Light My Fire

Troy O’Donnell was used to his neighbor’s lesbian friends stopping by for a visit, so when he saw one unsuccessfully trying to unlock his neighbor’s door, Troy went over to help her.  Once he laid eyes upon her beautiful face, Troy was very shocked to find himself instantly attracted to her – lesbian or not.  And, with her cat-sitting for his neighbor while she was away on a cruise, Troy found it very difficult to avoid the alluring charms of Amy Gerald.

This sexy, hot tale will have you rolling with laughter one minute; then, in the very next leave you breathless with great desire.  Because of Troy’s determination to remain a  commitment free bachelor, he doesn’t want to admit to himself that he had found his perfect mate.  Troy even goes as far to throw up the lesbian roadblock to avoid his true feelings for Amy, which makes out for numerous hilarious moments.  By far, Light My Fire was my favorite story of the three.


Second Time Around

Once upon a time, Antonio Sanchez had everything that he could ever want – a wife, kids and well-rewarded career.  But, in the blink of an eye, everything spiraled downward after Antonio’s wife said she needed some “space” away from him.  Now, six months later, it is time for Antonio to face the fact that his marriage is over.  The last thing Antonio felt that he needed right now was another woman in his life; however, his matchmaking friends begged to differ and whenever possible Antonio found himself in the company of the lovely Maddie Morgan.

Second Time Around is a touching story about two people having a second chance at love.  Just coming out of a bad marriage Maddie wasn’t looking for love, nor was Antonio because of his situation with his estranged wife.  Yet, the couple managed not only to find love, but, also happiness like they’d never known before.  As with the previous two stories within this anthology there were many comical moments and luscious sexual encounters.


Over all, Opposites Attract was a joyous read.  Although, each story is a stand alone and can be read independently, as you progress from Taking A Leap to Light My Fire and finally to Second Time Around, it only will amplify your reading pleasure to appreciate how all the main and secondary characters intertwine to make such a great collection of witty, humorous, romantic stories.


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