Opposites Attract by Bonnie Dee
Mystical Signs Series, Aquarius
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-562-4
Reviewed by Gracie



Kelly Berman leads an organized, orderly, and solitary life.  She has spent her life taking care of others and understands the importance of keeping a schedule.  Kelly keeps herself busy; she plays cello for the city orchestra, gives cello lessons, and works at a music store.  Coming home one evening, she is knocked down by a gorgeous man with a pierced ear and eyebrow.  Kelly thinks he is sexy and seems to be the ultimate bad boy.

Ren has just moved into Kelly’s apartment building and is her new neighbor.  He is laid back and the lead guitarist for a local rock band, Loose Threads.  Ren is the opposite of Kelly and he thinks it may do her some good to loosen up a bit.  He is interested in getting to know his new neighbor better and offers to buy her dinner since he knocked her down.

Kelly cannot find a way out of the invitation and reluctantly agrees.  Ren shows up at her door with dinner and tequila.  As they share their dinner and talk, they begin to realize that they are both attracted to the other.  After dinner, Ren coaxes her into playing a drinking game which will allow him to possibly get to know her better and share some things about himself.  After a few drinks, Kelly is a little tipsy and she is not as controlled and straight-laced as normal.  Kelly decides to take a chance and act on her attraction to Ren.  They share an amazing night, but the next morning Kelly is not sure that Ren fits into her well-ordered life.  Ren plans to peruse Kelly until she agrees to see him again, but his career suddenly takes off.  Will Kelly and Ren find a way to explore this wild adventure they started or will Kelly shut Ren out of her life?

Opposites Attract was a fun read and I really enjoyed watching Ren and Kelly struggle to find a balance between her lifestyle and his.  Kelly is a responsible and sensible woman who has a bit of a wild woman hiding inside.  Ren is the sexy bad boy that we all want to experience at least one in our lives!  Bonnie Dee’s characters are genuine and I enjoyed how she combined all the real messy emotions and trauma that we have to deal with into this great read!  Opposites Attract is a wonderful way to spend an evening!


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