Only Human by Charlene Teglia
Torrid Tarot
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419911118
Reviewed by Jo



Elaine Llewellyn has forced herself into becoming a workaholic so that she is just too tired to have the visions that come to her.  A great solution until her boss takes the matter out of her hands and forces her into an extended vacation.  Elaine is worried that with nothing to do, the visions will come back to haunt her.  Faced with either just waiting for the visions to hit, or find something to do, Elaine decides to travel to an out of the way B&B during the winter.  However, Elaine was not planning on the vicious winter storm that forces her to abandon her car. 

Damon Thorne is known as a very private artist who paints from his physic visions.  Damon has seen a woman who will come to him and will change his life forever. What he doesn’t know is when she will appear or what the circumstances will be.  Damon is not at all surprised when, during the middle of a winter storm, out of the darkness comes his mystery woman.

Elaine and Damon meet when the lights go out.  Elaine believes that she might have lucked out and found her B&B, Damon senses just how close to the edge Elaine is and does not explain the entire truth to her.  Over a simple dinner, the sparks fly until Elaine escapes to her room, only to discover that she doesn’t want to escape from Damon.  Damon accepts Elaine’s invitation, believing that this night will only be the first of many, but first he will have to tell her the truth.  One long, dark and stormy night can make a difference in how Elaine sees not only her gift, but her entire life if Damon can only help her see. 

Only Human is a darkly delicious story that centers around a really stormy winter’s night.  Elaine only wants to escape the “gift” she has hated most of her life, and has gone to health threatening lengths to do so.  Damon embraces his gift and uses it to his advantage in his work.  One long night of sex, explanations and understanding leads Elaine and Damon to a love that many do not find.  Elaine was so emotionally fragile when she met Damon and he was so loving and gentle with her until she understood that gifts are not good or bad – they just are.  Damon captured my heart with his understanding of Elaine and her concerns.  Elaine showed me that love could truly heal all wounds.  I couldn’t read fast enough and closed the book with a sigh.  If you have been following the Torrid Tarot series, than Only Human is a must read and if you haven’t been, then I would suggest that you begin the series with Ms. Teglia’s story of The Star card.


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