One Knight to Cherish by Catherine Kean
The Wild Rose Press
Medieval Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Lady Roselyn Descharme has lost much.  First her beloved had died on Crusade and she has been ordered to remarry, now her sister has fallen ill…then she was been kidnapped from Ferndown Castle.  She did not want to think of her crown-ordered betrothal to Sloane, someone she did not care to marry, but she was in no position to deter the king, and at least once, Roselyn had known true love.

Roselyn receives a missive for a meeting about her sister, and finds herself kidnapped, then she learns that not everything is as it seems.  The man she had loved, Lucian, is back from the dead and Roselyn must decide who she can believe.

One Knight to Cherish is one of my favorite short stories that I have read from this publisher.  The hero and heroine are already in love, which allows for the believability.  The hero had been injured, and he has overcome almost insurmountable odds to find his heroine.  The story felt complete and I will definitely look for additional titles by Catherine Kean.


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