Once Upon a Wedding by Desiree Holt
Naughty Nuptials
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781419910449
Reviewed by Tanya



Loraine is down to one of her last weekends as a single woman.  She decides that she needs to sow her wild oats one more time or she will always feel like she has missed something in life.  But, she doesn’t want to do it without her fiancé’s knowledge so, she tells him of her plans.  No matter how much he protests she sticks to her convictions and decides she must follow through.  She decides as she embarks on this adventure that she will go as “Rainie” an uninhibited alter ego.

Joe is the sex god with eyes that remind Rainie of a lion.  She meets him on the beach and hopping on his motorcycle she roars off to his beach house.  He promises her the wild sexual weekend that she desires.  But, is she going to get what she wants or what she has asked for?  And how will she face Stuart when it is all over?

Once Upon A Wedding is a hot tale about pre wedding jitters.  Rainie wants one last weekend to explore all the things that she is afraid to ask her fiancé for, though she loves him dearly.  Desiree Holt handles how this woman feels with not only spice but feeling.  While the situation is a bit unreal you are drawn into the weekend play and are thrilled with the final outcome. Once Upon A Wedding is a great addition to the Naughty Nuptials series.


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