Nut Cream by Jade Buchanan
Samhain Publishing
ISBN 1-59998-582-9
Reviewed by Rosemary



Being a half-breed, Tobe Madison has always been a little apprehensive in a community of full-blooded werewolves, yet it never dampened his longing for his brotherís best friend Cliff Bullen.  Cliff is more than ready to declare Tobe as his mate, and since Tobe is coming into his mating phase, the time is now.

Nut Cream takes you through the emotional perplexity of bonding with the partner destiny has chosen for you.  Tobe didnít comprehend why Cliff generated such a powerful yearning in him.  Cliff knows Tobe is his mate, but wants to ease into the relationship, giving Tobe time to accept it and him.  The continually talented Jade Buchanan interweaves a sensuous story with edification on one of the many uses for Nut Cream.  This is a great story for a possible sequel that I am hopeful of reading in the future.  I enjoyed this story immensely.


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