Not Another Dateless Valentine's Day by Veronica Tower
Oceans Mist
Reviewed by Nellie


Valentine’s Day was approaching and Kathy was determined to get the whole nine yards of the dozen roses, the basketful of chocolates and the romantic dinner. As the days count down, there is still no man in sight, so she resorts to desperate measures. She goes hunting in the clubs and even the classified section, when she eventually gets lucky the potential candidate cancels their date, day before valentines. Her best friend Janine found a guy without even looking, and Ricky Janine’s little brother even has a date on the day. On Valentine’s Day she starts receiving her dream valentine, so who is the mystery man who seems to just have popped out from nowhere.

Not Another Dateless Valentine's Day is a well-written and well-orchestrated book in which the pieces, like pieces from a puzzle, fall into place. The book made me look at another angle on how gimmicky and commercialized Valentine’s Day is.  I liked the book but there wasn’t any element of surprise at the end.


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