Never Lie to a Lady by Liz Carlyle
The Never Trilogy, Book 1
Pocket Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-2714-5
Reviewed by Annmarie



Lord Nash is dark and dangerous.  Although accepted by the ton due to his title and his wealth, he rarely partakes of the societal entertainments.  Attending the Sharpe ball for business, Nash meets the sensual beauty, Xanthia Neville.

His pursuit of the passionate Xanthia leads him into an intrigue involving smugglers, spies, treason and love.

Never Lie to a Lady is full of the unexpected.  I was surprised by many of the directions the plot took.  From Xanthia’s past to the identity of the traitor, I was pleasantly shocked.  I do so love to be fooled. 

Never Lie to a Lady has an engaging and unpredictable plot, a strong and independent heroine and a romantic love story.  Liz Carlyle has begun a trilogy that promises to be extraordinary!


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