Neptune Rising by H.A. Fowler
Stories of the Guardians
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-103-9
Reviewed by Tanya



Kimber Andrews is a woman in her mid 30’s, who is still looking for Mr. Right.  She even has a list that she pulls out occasionally about the traits that Mr. Right will have.  She works in/owns a health food store with her best friend Tiff.  Tiff is a practicing Witch and a member of the local coven.  She gives Kimber a spell on Valentine’s Day that is ‘guaranteed’ to draw the man of her dreams to her.  Giving in, Kimber decides to perform the spell, though the ones that she has performed with Tiff in the past have gone awry.

Kimber is shocked when the spell does conjure a hot man.  But, she isn’t prepared when the man attacks her.  She is further stunned when the most beautiful man she has ever seen also appears to save her.

Neptune Rising is a yummy story about finding your soul mate, through Magick.  This book is a great addition to the Guardian series.  I loved how the characters fought their attraction but in the end love won out.  Looking forward to reading the next H.A. Fowler story, hopefully Tiff’s story, as she writes wonderful and believable characters.


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