Nellie’s Rogue Stallion by Deirdre O’Dare
Amber Heat
Shapeshifter / Fantasy
ISBN-13: 978-1-59279-677-9 (Electronic)
Reviewed by Cassie



Lenore “Nellie” Campbell is a tough, tomboyish woman who rides the range with her father and his cowboys.  She comes along on a search for a red stallion that’s been stealing mares from local ranches.  When she sees the stallion, however, she hates the idea of him being hurt or tamed.  Then, she’s shocked to discover that the stallion is also a very attractive man!  Knowing her father will not stop pursuing the stallion until he catches him, Nellie rides away on the red horse, determined to keep him and his herd safe.  Will her father ever stop his pursuit?

Nellie’s Rogue Stallion was a very different shape-shifter tale.  I have never read a story about a horse-shifter before, so I was very excited to read this book.  After finishing it, however, I was very disappointed.  I liked tough, determined Nellie.  The writing was good, and the setting was described beautifully.  Still, I just couldn’t get into this one.  For one thing, Steven’s horse form had a whole harem of mares, some shifters and some regular horses, and several foals.  That seemed vaguely icky.  Some of the dialogue during the sex scenes was silly, and I never really got a handle on Steven’s character.  His inner conflict wasn’t really resolved, so I wasn’t sure why he’d decided to live as a human again.  While I think Deirdre O’Dare’s take on shifters was very novel and interesting, I can’t recommend this one.


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