Naughty Paris by Jina Bacarr
ISBN (10) 0-373-60517-X (13) 978-0-373-60517-0
Reviewed by Amelia



Autumn Maguire has been jilted at the altar. So, to keep from being harassed by her mother, she uses her non-refundable honeymoon tickets to take a trip to Paris. Sheís posing for an artist in a bright red clock when a sudden electrical strike sends her back to 1889. Sheís not exactly sure what to do. She is sure of one thing: her thirty-something, overweight body is now a nineteen-year-old svelte body.

Paul Borquet is one of the most talented authors of his time. When the beautiful woman comes into his life, he wants her, for his muse and in his bed. But getting her there is not so easy. Autumn is arrested soon after she arrives in 1889 and Paul turns to the famous Madame Chapet for help. She sees Autumn as a way to make money in her brothel, by selling her to the Englishman, Lord Bingham. Autumn and Paul must go through quite a bit to try and make it back to each otherís arms.

Naughty Paris is part of the Harlequin Spice line, an erotica tale that is a true adventure. It is told in first person, from Autumnís point of view, and then third person, from Paulís. I didnít care for the changing from first person to third, but the storyline is good, and I enjoyed the action, including the foray into the Moulin Rogue.

One thing that bothered me, however, was the use of a French word, and then the use of its English equivalent directly afterwards. After a while, it seemed repetitive to me and pulled me out of the story. All in all, though, I found the tale intriguing and fun to read.

Naughty Paris is not for the faint of heart. The book includes descriptions of black magic that ring true to life. This story is a true erotic tale that doesnít pull any punches. If youíre looking for a straight romance, this one is not for you. If youíre looking for an adventurous trip back in time, then youíll enjoy the adventures of Autumn and Paul.


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