Nana's Little Black Book by Shannon Leigh
Amber Heat
ISBN: 1-59279-441-6
Reviewed by Lyonene



Have you ever imagined that perfect lover?  Someone that satisfies your every sexual need and desire without hesitation?  You can have that, but as with almost everything completely wonderful, there’s a catch…

After the death of her parents when she was very young, Catrina was given to and raised by her Nana.  She grew up with love surrounding her until the day that she came home to find her beloved Nana on the floor of her bedroom, dead.  Catrina is now without money and a job and still has two semesters to go before getting her degree.  Going through her Nana’s room, Catrina found a hidden vault and more than she ever knew about her grandmother….she was not only into herbal healing, she was into magick.  A little black book with a mind of its own flew across the room and within moments Cat came face to face with the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on…clad in a carpenter’s tool belt and nothing else.

Nana’s Little Black Book is a truly wonderful story that I thoroughly enjoyed!  Cat is a strong woman that is tempered through tragedy and softened by unconditional love.  Malthus, what can I say about him?  Yummy, definitely yummy, hot, strong, mesmerizing…  Oh, what I would do to have a Grigori demon of my own…   Ms. Leigh is a very talented storyteller that brings Nana’s Little Black Book to full and brilliant life.


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