My Sister is a Werewolf by Kathy Love
The Young Brothers, Book 4
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 10: 0758218559 13: 978-0758218551
Reviewed by Amelia



Elizabeth Young is a werewolf in a family of vampires. She’s trying to change that, though, by working on a vaccine that will cure her of her werewolf affliction. She thinks she’s close, but nothing has worked.

Jensen Alder has come back to West Pines to take over his retired grandfather’s veterinary practice. Jensen’s fiancée died in a car accident. He feels terrible guilt over the event and doesn’t plan on falling in love, until he meets Elizabeth in her brother’s bar.

Jensen doesn’t know Elizabeth is a werewolf. He just knows that he’s very attracted to her. She obviously feels the same way, since she comes on to him the first night they meet. That meeting starts them on a ride over rugged terrain, where they will both face up to their feelings.

Alternating between sweet and tender, and erotic and hot, My Sister is a Werewolf is a fun, engaging thrill ride of a story. I loved watching Elizabeth and Jensen dance around their attraction to each other, and then finally learn to waltz together.

The feelings in this story pulled at my heartstrings and made me sigh in more than one place. My Sister is a Werewolf is a great addition to Ms. Love’s Young Brothers’ series. This is definitely a story that paranormal lovers won’t want to miss.


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