Molding clay by Ciana Stone
Hot In The Saddle, Book 2
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 9781419910722
Reviewed by Nannette



Rusty Blackhawk needs help getting her ranch up and running again.  Clay Russell is the man whoís going to help her.  Clay and Rusty are instantly attracted to each other and itís an attraction that proves too strong to deny.

Rustyís deceased husbandís family, the Stikeleathers donít want Rusty to see any happiness unless itís with them and theyíll stop at nothing to get Rusty and her ranch.   With magic and love Rusty might be able to save herself and her ranch.

I wish I could say that Molding Clay was a good book, but unfortunately I canít.  The sexual scenarios between Rusty and Clay seemed to try to prove that they are kinky rather than show they are passionate about each other.  The villains in this story are vile and idiotic.  There is a scene that could be construed as rough sex, but itís really rape and itís done rather ridiculously as well.  The dialog in Molding Clay has a tendency to be corny and the witchcraft doesnít mesh within the plot either.  Molding Clay is therefore not a book I would recommend reading.


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