Model Behavior by Cassie Stevens
Amber Allure
ISBN 978-1-60272-014-5
Reviewed by Rosemary



Model Brad Doyle could not believe Alpha Designs had agreed to all his terms including hiring famed photographer Derek Sloane, a man Brad had long admired.  Derek was still questioning why he had accepted this job; he hates models, especially models that could break his heart.  But Derek soon discovers that Brad is not spoiled and vacant.  Brad and Derek share mutual desires, they both want love and companionship with someone special.

Model Behavior is a sensual story of two guys looking for love and hoping this is finally the right place.  The fact that Brad is gay is not public knowledge, but he knows Derek came out several years ago. Brad has been dreaming of a close encounter with Derek for a long time.  Derek has an instant attraction to Brad, but he is afraid of rejection again.  Cassie Stevens has produced a tender and heartwarming love story with steamy love scenes.  Model Behavior inspires everything but good behavior, I enjoyed this story immensely.


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