Memories Revised by Cricket Starr
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419908033
Reviewed by Jo



Talia must make a choice for a husband.  Two men have asked her to marry them, however Talia does not love either one.  In fact, Talia does not remember ever experiencing passion for any man.  Unsure how to make a choice, Talia turns to her goddess, Gillian, for guidance.  Gillian causes Talia to remember one night that could have been horrendous for her and the man that rescued her. 

Remak was part of the Army that came through her village a few years ago.  He saved Talia from other soldiers and then he sent her away from him and the others into safety.  Gillian offers Talia a chance to relive that night and see what might have happened if she had just been brave enough.  Can Talia not only discover the passion that passed her by but find a way back to Remak?

Memories Revised lets Talia have something very few ever get to experience.  A second chance for love and passion.  Talia had been badly scared and ran from the man that saved her one night.  Remak made sure that Talia made it safely away from the dangerous streets of her village that night, not allowing anything to spark between them. However, when a goddess wants you to discover what could be both Talia and Remak discover a passion and love.  I followed Talia back as she discovered what might have been and found a way to make it happen.  While the characters were well developed and the story was complete, I felt that there was just something missing.  I also felt that some parts seemed a bit rushed.  I have to admit that I had not read the prior companion story (Memories to Come) and that might have given me a different focus.  My suggestion would be to read them as a pair.


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