Maneater by Cat Marsters
Sundown International
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-681-0
Reviewed by Klarissa



Chloe is a siren, or rather, a half siren.  Her beauty and her voice attract humans, often leading them to their death.  Leaving her home on the Island with her family, Chloe wants another shot at acting human.  Las Vegas is her destination this time and it’s full of all sorts of possibilities for her.  When she arrives, circumstances lead her to Alexius.  Beautiful and golden, Alexius has captured her desire.

Alexius, however, turns out to have hidden agendas and secrets that almost ruin Chloe’s life.  Will she ever be able to forgive Alexius for his betrayal and return to the passion she found in his arms?

I absolutely love Chloe and Alexius!  Maneater is such a thrilling story.  Action, love, romance, betrayal and a final showdown that will not disappoint.  I love a story with a great beginning, middle and end!  Maneater has all that and more!  The sex scenes were hot and be aware there is m/m and m/f/m and even a quick m/f/f scene.  Cat Marsters did a great job creating this new addition to the Sundown International series!


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