Magic of Three by Jenna Castille
Ellora’s Cave
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Ménage (M/M/F)
ISBN: 978-1-41991-112-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Lisa is a successful restaurateur and she lives life on her own terms.  The most important one is not to let anyone too close.  After all, in her experience letting anyone in and trusting them only leads to disappointment and Lisa feeling abandoned.  However, a chance encounter with a man at a strip club, of all places, will lead Lisa to a pair of men that will love her unconditionally if she will only let it happen.

Julian and Tim have a very passionate relationship which keeps them both happily satisfied, but are missing their third to complete their magical Triad.  Julian is the Visionary, which helps him see how the threads of different people’s lives intertwine; Tim is the Empath allowing him to absorb the emotional currents around him and focus them outward to create a better environment.  However, both men are aware that they need the Focus to be able to perform their duties and save the world from the invasion of demons from another dimension.  When Tim meets Lisa he immediately knows he has found their Focus.

Both men need to convince Lisa to trust them with her heart and of their love for her.  If they don’t they will be doomed to repeat their failures from past lives, where Lisa left them.

When I picked up Magic of Three I was looking for a hot, steamy romance that involved all three members and I was not disappointed.  Julian and Tim are amazing men, who on the surface seem to be polar opposites making them an unlikely pair.  Julian is serious where Tim is funny thereby balancing each other out while having bone-melting chemistry and all the more yummy to read about.  Lisa is a strong successful woman, but her constant insecurity is a little irritating.  That said the plot of the book is interesting, but a little slow.  The set up of the conflict takes too long and the climax of the plot happens ten pages from the end of the book, leaving me feeling that the end was a little rushed.  Still, Jenna Castille does a great job of creating great chemistry between all three characters for a seemingly true triad.  It bears watching out for future releases by Jenna Castille, this author shows a lot of promise with her debut book.  Magic of Three is a good read about a true ménage that will entertain you as it turns you on.


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