Loving Fate by Emma Sinclair
Fate, Book 2
Liquid Silver Books
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59578-249-4
Reviewed by Indy



Knowing that your place in life is to bring Fate to those innocent and guilty alike can be cause for a few sleeplessness nights. Lacy, Lahesis Moirae, and her sisters are the ones who come when death is near. The death of one little girl hits her harder than normal and Lacy finds herself breaking the rules by visiting the grief stricken father who is barely living since his little girl’s death. Noah Monroe exists for the evenings when his “Angel” comes to visit him, an angel who has lived in his dreams since the death of his daughter.  When the meddling of one concerned party brings Noah to Mt. Olympus and he finds out there is such as a thing as Gods and Goddesses and that little sprites roam the heaven, Noah sees a chance to be with his Angel for good.

In a story that could have been depressing considering the occupation of the heroine and her family turned into a pretty good love story. The lightness of the secondary characters and the heat shared by Noah and Lacy warped Loving Fate into a sweet erotic love story with more than a few touching moments. Emma Sinclair is well known for her ability to weave romantic tales full of love and lust but in book 2 of the Fate series I was impressed with how her writing was able to pull me in emotionally and make me believe anything is possible. This is a delightful morsel for those looking for a true love story with some sexy interludes.


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