Love Letters from a Duke by Elizabeth Boyle
Avon Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0060784032, 978-0060784034
Reviewed by Barb



Felicity Langley canít afford much on her pin money, but she wonít let that stand in the way of the dream she has had since she was a baby; to marry a Duke. For the last four years that Duke has been the Duke of Hollindrake, she has become practically engaged to him through the years of correspondence they have conducted.

Thatcher, Duke of Hollindrake, didnít take the time to change out of his grubby travel clothing.  His intention was to make it known that he has no intention of letting his grandfather choose his wife for him.  He is going to set her straight and take care of his duties.  Being mistaken for the new footman was not part of his plans, but getting the situation straightened out as quickly as possible is not the priority it once was. One look at Felicityís grace, charm and beauty does not make her who he wants to marry, but it does interest him enough to continue playing along with the charade.

Neither will settle for less than love in their future marriages.  Will it be to each other?

Love Letters from a Duke is a page turning ride of mistaken identity, the power of belief and the joy of life and love.  It is a fast-paced, quirky tale of a woman that will not just allow life to happen -sometimes it needs a little help.  From the moment I opened Love Letters from a Duke I was smiling and pulling for Felicity to succeed at her dream of marrying her Duke.  All the characters in the book are drawn with care and attention to detail so I felt I knew them, and what they were capable of being.  The details of the mistaken identity kept me hanging on to find out when it will be cleared up.  This is a tale that once started, the reader will not put down. A most pleasurable read.


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