Love, Honor and Obey by Cynthia Rayne
Elloraís Cave
Contemporary/Light BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-41991-1-088
Reviewed by Tanya



Professor Carrie Langdon is in a dilemma.  She wants access to the funds in her fathers will but to do this she has to marry the CFO of her late fatherís corporation.  While she thinks Justin is one of the hottest men she has met she is not sure that she wants to be tied to the man for life.  Mostly because she sees herself as a mousy brunette and not at all like the women Justin usually dates.  Though when he talks to her about his kinky desires she is immediately hot, she still doesnít know if she will go through with the marriage.

Justin has wanted Carrie for years.  But, he has waited and bided his time until the right opportunity presented itself.  Now he sees that it is here.  He helped persuade Carries father that he was the man for her, before he passed away.  Now it is time to see what Carrie thinks.  Also it will be important as to how she reacts to his dominating personality in the bedroom.

Super hot is one way to categorize Love, Honor and Obey, a fun read would be another.  I loved how Justin has waited for years to get what he wants, and now is working to make sure that Carrie is on board with his wants and needs.  He is a super caring but strong leading man.  Love, Honor and Obey is a fast paced and spicy summer read.


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